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Data Processing Services

Pinnacle as a data processing company specializes in different services related to data entry, data processing and data conversion for various industry verticals. For the success of your ongoing business we offer a wide spectrum of data processing services that our clients have used over the years to get the desired results.

Our offerings include services pertaining to data capture, data entry processing, and digitization from a wide range of sources. We also offer customized techniques of processing your data so that it meets international standards in terms of accuracy and quality and cost.

  • As a part of our form processing services we convert information on paper forms into electronic format. In order to accomplish this we capture data from all kinds of forms, which are handwritten or typed. This is done most accurately, efficiently and most importantly cost effectively.

    Our form processing services includes extracting information from both structured as well as unstructured forms. Structured forms would mean information arranged in tabular format or columns with boxes. On the contrary, unstructured format would include extraction from surveys, application forms, and even questionnaires.

    Pinnacle has several years of experience in offering reliable web form processing and other form processing services to small and large enterprises located domestically and around the world. We offer form processing services for the following:

    •   HTML forms
    •   Legal forms
    •   Email forms
    •   Online and offline forms
    •   Survey forms
    •    Invoices
    •    Questionnaires
    •    CGI forms
    •    Market research forms


  • Pinnacle specializes in the domain of Insurance claim processing services and has the expertise in to provide desired results to the clients. We have been providing various health insurance claim processing and other insurance claim processing services to leading insurance companies in India and across the globe in order to enhance their business capabilities.

    Clients can benefit from the following by using our insurance claim processing services:

    Competitive rates and lower processing fees:
    Clients can now save significant amounts of money as we offer superior health insurance claim processing services that can cut down processing fees considerably.

    Quality support services:
    We always offer reliable and noteworthy support services so that your insurance company runs smoothly and efficiently.

    Save precious time and efforts:
    Through our insurance claim processing services, not only save on money but also work efforts and precious time which can thus be utilized for more sales, growth of business and other core competencies of your company.

    High speed processing:
    Can offer superior services to your own customers as we can speed up insurance claim processing to provide faster results.


  • Pinnacle has an expertise to provide reliable check processing services to take care of different business needs of small to large financial institutes, banks and a wide range of other investment companies. Our check processing services help meet check clearing timelines thus making it more convenient for customers and clients by reducing their waiting period.

    Benefits of hiring our check processing services:

    Save time and efforts:
    Our clients can better utilize their time and efforts as we can take care of all check processing activities. This helps our clients to focus more on their strengths and build their business up by increasing efforts on sales and customer servicing.

    Reduce both costs and processing fees:
    Save considerable amounts of money as we offer processing services at low rates. Almost less than 50% reduction of cost is certain through our check processing outsourcing services.

    Reduce chances of fraud and risks:
    We scan each and every check to ensure there is complete accuracy. This reduces the chances of any fraud or even risks.


  • Our image processing solutions helps clients attain optimized and creatively modified images that can be used for your professional or personal reasons. We use innovative ways and the latest in technologies which allow us to offer you great looking and most attractive images that can enhance the look of any website, page or brochure.

    Our image processing services encompass the following:
    •    Image compression
    •    2D and 3D effects
    •    Automated quality assessment
    •    Color enhancement and editing
    •    A wide range of solutions for all kinds of images
    •    Complete security and confidentiality


  • A survey is a very simple and cost effective technique to understand the market and customers want and desire. We offer a wide range of survey processing services including design and development of questionnaires, reports, presentations, survey data analysis etc.

    We offer several ways to help you gather accurate data based on which you can make accurate and precise interpretations and take better decisions for your business.

    Our survey processing services include the following:
    •    Creating surveys from scratch
    •    Designing surveys that work
    •    Performing data entry jobs based on gathered information through surveys
    •    Statistical reporting
    •    Accurate scanning of your survey


  • Data conversion is a necessity in this age, as information is vital for any organization. For an organization to function effectively data needs to be easily accessible. Usually the data is stored in the form of paper over the years which is very tedious to find necessary data at time you need it. Data conversion is a necessity in this world where technology is constantly striving to make life easier.

    Pinnacle provides Data Conversion Services in a variety of formats, using both manual as well as automated (OCR/ ICR/ OMR) techniques (Images to text, Text/rtf to XML/SGML, PDFs and other conversions). Tagging and re-tagging, Styling, Pagination/Typesetting and Abstracting and Indexing Services.

    We offer broad range of data conversion services. Some of them are as follows:
    •    PDF to Word Document/Excel Spreadsheet conversion
    •    Paper to PDF
    •    Image to Doc/Excel
    •    HTML conversion
    •    XML conversion
    •    Ebook conversion/creation
    •    Hard Copy to Soft Copy Conversion


  • Capturing the right data at the right moment is imperative in the competitive world of today. This why we use the latest data mining tools to ensure accurate and right data is captured as per your business requirements.

    We have extensive knowledge about various statistical tools, data mining software tools, and various other applications, which has helped us providing desired results to clients since our inception. We offer data mining services for several industries ranging from banks, insurance, finance, airline, telecom to retail, e-commerce, real estate, bpo and other technology based industries.

    Our seamless range of Data Mining services include:
    •    Gathering data from websites into excel database
    •    Searching & collecting contact information from websites
    •    Using software to extract data from websites
    •    Searching online newspapers for information
    •    Extracting and summarizing stories from news sources
    •    Gathering information about competitors business