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Imaging & OCR Services

With the changing global trend on converting paper source to electronic format, many organizations are making use of new OCR/ICR or optical/intelligent character recognition processing technology in their day-to-day work. This innovative technology allows conversion of paper documents into digital files in a matter of minutes.

Pinnacle offers hassle-free, high quality and cost-effective scanning and OCR services with quickest turnaround time. With our automated technology, high-speed data transmission lines, scanners, and the latest Electronic Recognition software, we are able to provide professional, timely, innovative and high-quality scanning services and solutions to cater to the business needs of our esteemed clients. Our scanning and OCR services are amongst the most contemporary as they are way ahead in terms of cost, time, accuracy, perfection, and quality.

  • Document Scanning:
    We provide accurate document scanning services as accounts payable scanning, human resource scanning, medical records scanning, legal records scanning among many others.

    Paper Scanning:
    Our paper scanning solutions create digital images from your paper records and then provide the means to access those documents on virtually any computer system.

    Microfilm Scanning:
    With our most modern microfilm scanners, we help you to reduce your equipment maintenance costs by converting scanning your microfilm records and documents into digital format.

    Microfiche Scanning:
    We provide the most accurate and reliable scanning services for converting your microfiche data into image, pdf, text, XML and HTML formats.

    Aperture Card Scanning:
    We convert engineering drawings stored on Aperture card into digital format with 100% accuracy and format retention, We also provide automated as well as manual indexing services for the scanned data


  • PDF OCR:
    We convert image PDF files into text PDF files with 100% format retention including graphs, equations and tables.

    Document OCR:
    We convert PDF files into word files with full quality and format retention.

    Image OCR:
    Irrespective of the quality of type of image, we provide quality output with the help of our proven pattern training and character-to-character recognition, tracking and conversion process.

    Zonal OCR:
    We track specific fields in MS Office and PDF files and capture them for indexing and entry into the database.

    Forms OCR:
    We convert printed, as well as hand-written forms using our professional OCR services.

    Book and Newspaper OCR:
    Using our automated tools and macros, we convert and format books and newspapers with 0% data loss and 100% accuracy