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Contact Center Services

Although industry behaviors differ , basic customer requirements for contact center services still remain the same; These include Informative & Pleasant Interactions, Responsiveness, Helpfulness, Timeliness, and Resolutions etc. 

Pinnacle Services factor in these base requirements into all our contact center processes by deploying customer-focused operations to drive customer satisfaction metrics across every process. 

We have an all-inclusive customer interaction center with multiple sources of communication such as phone, fax, live chat, instant messaging and email support.  With our deep understanding of the client analytics and our re-engineering capabilities, we provide the best contact center services and solutions.

Our state-of-the-art technology provides automated solutions that help in reducing incoming call volumes, reserving voice calls for high priority or complex services and delivering measurable results to our clients.

Our Services:
•    Appointment Scheduling
•    Telemarketing
•    Lead Generation
•    Mortgage Processing
•    Data Cleansing & Updating
•    Voice Broadcasting
•    Answering Services
•    Customer Support
•    Toll Free Services
•    Inquiry Handling
•    Order Processing
•    Superior Infrastructure