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Media & Entertainment

The Media and communication industry covers traditional media such as newspaper, television and radio. New media includes online and other interactive media. It also covers gaming, animation, music and movies. Since the advent of digital media, the media and communication industry is characterized by changing content consumption patterns, new business models and intense competition coupled with profitability pressures.

Our solutions help transform the business to make operations more efficient, flexible and agile. We provide the below services for Media and communication industry.

1. Creation of page layouts, templates
2. Customer Support - E-mail, Chat & Voice
3. Resolving Technical Queries
4. Data extraction
5. Data management functions


  • In today's global environment, telecom companies are experiencing a fresh round of opportunities and challenges in the world. The combined impact of globalization, demographics, deregulation and technology change is driving the need for business transformation, more than ever before. The need to do ones business cost effectively, better, differently and ultimately to re-engineer the processes has become a business imperative.

    Pinnacle helps telecom companies transform telecom processes and drive greater efficiencies and effectiveness to achieve business goals. 

    With vast experience in managing end to end processes Pinnacle enables Telecom customers to control costs, streamline and improve service delivery, increase customer satisfaction and sustain competitive advantage. Our services to the telecoms & media sector cover the entire customer life-cycle, including customer acquisition, customer care, technical support, provisioning, billing & collections and back office administration.

    We have listed the processes supported by us.

    Inbound Services
    1. Customer service
    2. Technical Helpdesk
    3. Retailer & Distributor Helpdesk

    Outbound Services
    1. Customer Life Cycle Management
    2. Telesales & Upselling activity
    3. Churn Management
    4. Telecollections