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Insurers are faced with multi-pronged issues like shrinking margins, short product lifecycles, mounting customer expectations and the effects of ever-changing regulations. These issues have an impact on business, not always in an acceptable way. Solution lies in liberating the Insurance companies from routine and non-core functions to focus more on strategic and marketing functions without compromising on quality and compliance.

Pinnacle services for the insurance industry are designed to maximize your flexibility and profitability.

We focus on processes that demand huge commitments in terms of manpower, time, and other resources to deliver productivity improvements and cost reductions.

  • An increase in the life expectancy rate coupled with growing claims, increasing litigations, rising agents attrition are driving costs up rapidly for life insurers. Pinnacle services for Life Insurance are designed to control operating costs and build seamless operations by leveraging technology.

    Our specific solutions for life insurers include:

    1. Policy issuance
    2. Endorsements
    3. Reinstatements
    4. Cancellations
    5. Top ups and swaps (equity linked products)
    6. Agency management


  • Pinnacle services for the P&C segment are designed to enable processing of higher volumes of transactions without increasing costs or sacrificing quality or service.

    Our specific solutions for life insurers include:

    1. Policy Issuance
    2. Renewals
    3. Endorsements
    4. Reinstatements
    5. Cancellations
    6. Agency Management
    7. Claims reserve allocation
    8. Claims repricing
    9. Analytics and fraud detection